Source code for arcade.sound

Sound Library.

import math
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Optional, Union

import pyglet

pyglet.options["audio"] = ("openal", "xaudio2", "directsound", "pulse", "silent")

import as media
from arcade.resources import resolve_resource_path

[docs]class Sound: """ This class represents a sound you can play."""
[docs] def __init__(self, file_name: Union[str, Path], streaming: bool = False): self.file_name: str = "" file_name = resolve_resource_path(file_name) if not Path(file_name).is_file(): raise FileNotFoundError( f"The sound file '{file_name}' is not a file or can't be read." ) self.file_name = str(file_name) self.source: Union[media.StaticSource, media.StreamingSource] = media.load(self.file_name, streaming=streaming) self.min_distance = 100000000 #setting the players to this allows for 2D panning with 3D audio
[docs] def play(self, volume: float = 1.0, pan: float = 0.0, loop: bool = False) -> media.Player: """ Play the sound. :param float volume: Volume, from 0=quiet to 1=loud :param float pan: Pan, from -1=left to 0=centered to 1=right :param bool loop: Loop, false to play once, true to loop continously """ if (isinstance(self.source, media.StreamingSource)): if (self.source.is_player_source): raise RuntimeError("Tried to play a streaming source more than once." " Streaming sources should only be played in one instance." " If you need more use a Static source.") player: media.Player = media.Player() player.volume = volume player.position = (pan, 0.0, math.sqrt(1 - math.pow(pan, 2))) #used to mimic panning with 3D audio player.loop = loop player.queue(self.source) media.Source._players.append(player) def _on_player_eos(): media.Source._players.remove(player) # There is a closure on player. To get the refcount to 0, # we need to delete this function. player.on_player_eos = None player.on_player_eos = _on_player_eos return player
[docs] def stop(self, player: media.Player) -> None: """ Stop a currently playing sound. """ player.pause() player.delete() media.Source._players.remove(player)
[docs] def get_length(self) -> float: """ Get length of audio in seconds """ return self.source.duration
[docs] def is_complete(self, player: media.Player) -> bool: """ Return true if the sound is done playing. """ if player.time >= self.source.duration: return True else: return False
[docs] def is_playing(self, player: media.Player) -> bool: """ Return if the sound is currently playing or not :param player: Player returned from :func:`play_sound`. :returns: A boolean, ``True`` if the sound is playing. :rtype: bool """ return player.playing
[docs] def get_volume(self, player: media.Player) -> float: """ Get the current volume. :param player: Player returned from :func:`play_sound`. :returns: A float, 0 for volume off, 1 for full volume. :rtype: float """ return player.volume
[docs] def set_volume(self, volume, player: media.Player) -> None: """ Set the volume of a sound as it is playing. :param float volume: Floating point volume. 0 is silent, 1 is full. :param player: Player returned from :func:`play_sound`. """ player.volume = volume
[docs] def get_stream_position(self, player: media.Player) -> float: """ Return where we are in the stream. This will reset back to zero when it is done playing. :param player: Player returned from :func:`play_sound`. """ return player.time
[docs]def load_sound(path: Union[str, Path], streaming: bool =False) -> Optional[Sound]: """ Load a sound. :param Path path: Name of the sound file to load. :param bool streaming: Boolean for determining if we stream the sound or load it all into memory. Set to ``True`` for long sounds to save memory, ``False`` for short sounds to speed playback. :returns: Sound object which can be used by the :func:`play_sound` function. :rtype: Sound """ try: file_name = str(path) sound = Sound(file_name, streaming) return sound except Exception as ex: raise FileNotFoundError(f'Unable to load sound file: "{file_name}". Exception: {ex}')
[docs]def play_sound( sound: Sound, volume: float = 1.0, pan: float = 0.0, looping: bool = False ) -> media.Player: """ Play a sound. :param Sound sound: Sound loaded by :func:`load_sound`. Do NOT use a string here for the filename. :param float volume: Volume, from 0=quiet to 1=loud :param float pan: Pan, from -1=left to 0=centered to 1=right """ if sound is None: print("Unable to play sound, no data passed in.") return elif isinstance(sound, str): msg = ( "Error, passed in a string as a sound. " + "Make sure to use load_sound first, and use that result in play_sound." ) raise Exception(msg) try: return, pan, looping) except Exception as ex: print("Error playing sound.", ex)
[docs]def stop_sound(player: media.Player): """ Stop a sound that is currently playing. :param player: Player returned from :func:`play_sound`. """ player.pause() player.delete() media.Source._players.remove(player)