Release Notes

Version 2.3.6

Release Date: Feb-17-2020

  • Enhancement: Add texture transformations Issue 596

  • Bug Fix: Fix off-by-one issue with default viewport

  • Bug Fix: Arcs are drawn double-sized Issue 598

  • Enhancement: Add get_sprites_at_exact_point function

  • Enhancement: Add code page 437 to default resources

Version 2.3.5

Release Date: Feb-12-2020

  • Bug Fix: Calling sprite.draw wasn’t drawing the sprite if scale was 1 Issue 575

  • Add unit test for Issue 575

  • Bug Fix: Changing sprite scale didn’t cause sprite to redraw in new scale Issue 588

  • Add unit test for Issue 588

  • Enhancement: Simplify using built-in resources Issue 576

  • Fix for failure on on_resize(), which pyglet was quietly ignoring

  • Update rotate_point function to make it more obvious it takes degrees

Version 2.3.4

Release Date: Feb-08-2020

  • Bug Fix: Sprites weren’t appearing Issue 585

Version 2.3.3

Release Date: Feb-08-2020

  • Bug Fix: set_scale checks height rather than scale Issue 578

  • Bug Fix: Window flickers for drawing when not derived from Window class Issue 579

  • Enhancement: Allow joystick selection in dual-stick shooter Issue 571

  • Test coverage reporting now working correctly with TravisCI

  • Improved test coverage

  • Improved documentation and typing with Texture class

  • Improve minimal View example

Version 2.3.2

Release Date: Feb-01-2020

  • Remove scale as a parameter to load_textures because it is not unused

  • Improve documentation

  • Add example for acceleration/friction

Version 2.3.1

Release Date: Jan-30-2020

  • Don’t auto-update sprite hit box with animated sprite

  • Fix issues with sprite.draw

  • Improve error message given when trying to do a collision check and there’s no hit box set on the sprite.

Version 2.3.0

Release Date: Jan-30-2020

  • Backwards Incompatability: arcade.Texture no longer has a scale property. This property made things confusing as Sprites had their own scale attribute. This seemingly small change required a lot of rework around sprites, sprite lists, hit boxes, and drawing of textured rectangles.

  • Include all the things that were part of 2.2.8, but hopefully working now.

  • Bug Fix: Error when calling Sprite.draw() Issue 570

  • Enhancement: Added Sprite.draw_hit_box to visually draw the hit box. (Kind of slow, but useful for debugging.)

Version 2.2.9

Release Date: Jan-28-2020

  • Roll back to 2.2.7 because bug fixes in 2.2.8 messed up scaling

Version 2.2.8

Release Date: Jan-27-2020

  • Version number now contained in one file, rather than three.

  • Enhancement: Move several GitHub-listed enhancements to the .rst enhancement list

  • Bug Fix: Texture scale not accounted for when getting height Issue 516

  • Bug Fix: Issue with text cut off if it goes below baseline Issue 515

  • Enhancement: Allow non-cached texture creation, fixing issue with resizing Issue 506

  • Enhancement: Physics engine supports rotation

  • Bug Fix: Need to better resolve collisions so sprite doesn’t get hyper-spaces to new weird spot Issue 569

  • Bug Fix: Hit box not getting properly created when working with multi-texture player sprite. Issue 568

  • Bug Fix: Issue with text_sprite and anchor y of top Issue 567

  • Bug Fix: Issues with documentation

Version 2.2.7

Release Date: Jan-25-2020

  • Enhancement: Have draw_text return a sprite Issue 565

  • Enhancement: Improve speed when changing alpha of text Issue 563

  • Enhancement: Add dual-stick shooter example Issue 301

  • Bug Fix: Fix for Pyglet 2.0dev incompatability Issue 560

  • Bug Fix: Fix broken example Issue 558

  • Enhancement: Added mypy check to TravisCI build Issue 557

  • Enhancement: Fix typing issues Issue 537

  • Enhancement: Optimize load font in draw_text Issue 525

  • Enhancement: Reorganize examples

  • Bug Fix: get_pixel not working on MacOS Issue 539

Version 2.2.6

Release Date: Jan-20-2020

  • Bug Fix: particle_fireworks example is not running with 2.2.5 Issue 555

  • Bug Fix: Sprite.pop isn’t reliable Issue 531

  • Enhancement: Raise error if default font not found on system Issue 432

  • Enhancement: Add space invaders clone to example list Issue 526

  • Enhancement: Add sitemap to website

  • Enhancement: Improve performance, error handling around setting a sprite’s color

  • Enhancement: Implement optional filtering parameter to SpriteList.draw Issue 405

  • Enhancement: Return list of items hit during physics engine update Issue 401

  • Enhancement: Update resources documentation Issue 549

  • Enhancement: Add on_update to sprites, which includes delta_time Issue 266

  • Enhancement: Close enhancement-related github issues and reference them in the new Enhancement List.

Version 2.2.5

Release Date: Jan-17-2020

  • Enhancement: Improved speed when rendering non-buffered drawing primitives

  • Bug fix: Angle working in radians instead of degrees in 2.2.4 Issue 552

  • Bug fix: Angle and color of sprite not updating in 2.2.4 Issue 553

Version 2.2.4

Release Date: Jan-15-2020

  • Enhancement: Moving sprites now 20% more efficient.

Version 2.2.3

Release Date: Jan-12-2020

  • Bug fix: Hit boxes not getting updated with rotation and scaling. Issue 548 This update depricates Sprite.points and instead uses Sprint.hit_box and Sprint.get_adjusted_hit_box

  • Major internal change around not having __init__ do import * but specifically name everything. Issue 537 This rearranded a lot of files and also reworked the quickindex in documentation.

Version 2.2.2

Release Date: Jan-09-2020

  • Bug fix: Arcade assumes tiles in tileset are same sized Issue 550

Version 2.2.1

Release Date: Dec-22-2019

  • Bug fix: Resource folder not included in distribution Issue 541

Version 2.2.0

Release Date: Dec-19-2019*

  • Major Enhancement: Add built-in resources support Issue 209 This also required many changes to the code samples, but they can be run now without downloading separate images.

  • Major Enhancement: Auto-calculate hit box points by trimming out the transparency

  • Major Enhancement: Sprite sheet support for the tiled map editor works now

  • Enhancement: Added load_spritesheet for loading images from a sprite sheet

  • Enhancement: Updates to physics engine to better handle non-rectangular sprites

  • Enhancement: Add SpriteSolidColor class, for creating a single-color rectangular sprite

  • Enhancement: Expose type hints to modules that depend on arcade via PEP 561 Issue 533 and Issue 534

  • Enhancement: Add font_color to gui.TextButton init Issue 521

  • Enhancement: Improve error messages around loading tilemaps

  • Bug fix: Turn on vsync as it sometimes was limiting FPS to 30.

  • Bug fix: get_tile_by_gid() incorrectly assumes tile GID cannot exceed tileset length Issue 527

  • Bug fix: Tiles in object layers not placed properly Issue 536

  • Bug fix: Typo when loading font Issue 518

  • Updated requirements.txt file

  • Add robots.txt to documentation

Please also update pyglet, pyglet_ffmpeg2, and pytiled_parser libraries.

Special tanks to Jon Fincher, Mr. Gallo, SirGnip, lubie0kasztanki, and EvgeniyKrysanoc for their contributions to this release.

Version 2.1.7

  • Enhancement: Tile set support. Issue 511

  • Bug fix, search file tile images relative to tile map. Issue 480

Version 2.1.6

  • Fix: Lots of fixes around positioning and hitboxes with tile maps Issue 503

  • Documentation updates, particularly using on_update instead of update and remove_from_sprite_lists instead of kill. Issue 381

  • Remove/adjust some examples using csvs for maps

Version 2.1.5

  • Fix: Default font sometimes not pulling on mac Issue 488

  • Documentation updates, particularly around examples for animated characters on platformers

  • Fix to Sprite class to better support character animation around ladders

Version 2.1.4

  • Fix: Error when importing arcade on Raspberry Pi 4 Issue 485

  • Fix: Transparency not working in draw functions Issue 489

  • Fix: Order of parameters in draw_ellipse documentation Issue 490

  • Raise better error on data classes missing

  • Lots of code cleanup from SirGnip Issue 484

  • New code for buttons and dialog boxes from wamiqurrehman093 Issue 476

Version 2.1.3

  • Fix: Ellipses drawn to incorrect dimensions Issue 479

  • Enhancement: Add unit test for debugging Issue 478

  • Enhancement: Add more descriptive error when file not found Issue 472

  • Enhancement: Explicitly state delta time is in seconds Issue 473

  • Fix: Add missing ‘draw’ function to view Issue 470

Version 2.1.2

  • Fix: Linked to wrong version of Pyglet Issue 467

Version 2.1.1

  • Added pytiled-parser as a dependency in

Version 2.1.0

Thanks to SirGnip, Mr. Gallow, and Christian Clauss for their contributions.

Version 2.0.9

  • Fix: Unable to specify path to .tsx file for tiled spritesheet Issue 360

  • Fix: TypeError: __init__() takes from 3 to 11 positional arguments but 12 were given in Issue 373

  • Fix: Test create_line_strip Issue 379

  • Fix: TypeError: draw_rectangle_filled() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘border_width’ Issue 385

  • Fix: See about creating a localization/internationalization example Issue 391

  • Fix: Glitch when you die in the lava in Issue 392

  • Fix: No default font found on ArchLinux and no error message (includes patch) Issue 402

  • Fix: Update docs around batch drawing and example Issue 403

Version 2.0.8

  • Add example code from lixingque

  • Fix: Drawing primitives example broke in prior release Issue 365

  • Update: Improve automated testing of all code examples Issue 326

  • Update: raspberry pi instructions, although it still doesn’t work yet

  • Fix: Some buffered draw commands not working Issue 368

  • Remove yml files for build environments that don’t work because of OpenGL

  • Update requirement.txt files

  • Fix mountain examples

  • Better error handling when playing sounds

  • Remove a few unused example code files

Version 2.0.7

  • Last release improperly required pyglet-ffmpeg, updated to pyglet-ffmpeg2

  • Fix: The alpha value seems NOT work with draw_texture_rectangle Issue 364

  • Fix: draw_xywh_rectangle_textured error Issue 363

Version 2.0.6

  • Improve ffmpeg support. Think it works on MacOS and Windows now. Issue 350

  • Improve buffered drawing command support

  • Improve PEP-8 compliance

  • Fix for tiled map reader, Issue 360

  • Fix for animated sprites Issue 359

  • Remove unused avbin library for mac

Version 2.0.5

  • Issue if scale is set for a sprite that doesn’t yet have a texture set. Issue 354

  • Fix for Sprite.set_position not working. Issue 356

Version 2.0.4

  • Fix for drawing with a border width of 1 Issue 352

Version 2.0.3

Version 2.0.2 was compiled off the wrong branch, so it had a bunch of untested code. 2.0.3 is what 2.0.2 was supposed to be.

Version 2.0.2

  • Fix for loading a wav file Issue 344

  • Fix Linux only getting 30 fps Issue 342

  • Fix error on window creation Issue 340

  • Fix for graphics cards not supporting multi-sample Issue 339

  • Fix for set view error on mac Issue 336

  • Changing scale attribute on Sprite now dynamically changes sprite scale Issue 331

Version 2.0.1

  • Turn on multi-sampling so lines could be anti-aliased Issue 325

Version 2.0.0

Released 2019-03-10

Lots of improvements in 2.0.0. Too many to list, but the two main improvements:

  • Using shaders for sprites, making drawing sprites incredibly fast.

  • Using ffmpeg for sound.

Version 1.3.7

Released 2018-10-28

  • Fix for Issue 275 where sprites can get blurry.

Version 1.3.6

Released 2018-10-10

  • Bux fix for spatial hashing

  • Implement commands for getting a pixel, and image from screen

Version 1.3.5

Released 08-23-2018

Bug fixes for spatial hashing and sound.

Version 1.3.4

Released 28-May-2018

New Features

  • Issue 197: Add new set of color names that match CSS color names

  • Issue 203: Add on_update as alternative to update

  • Add ability to read .tmx files.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue 159: Fix array backed grid buffer example

  • Issue 177: Kind of fix issue with gi sound library

  • Issue 180: Fix up API docs with sound

  • Issue 198: Add start of isometric tile support

  • Issue 210: Fix bug in MacOS sound handling

  • Issue 213: Update code with gi streamer

  • Issue 214: Fix issue with missing images in animated sprites

  • Issue 216: Fix bug with venv

  • Issue 222: Fix get_window when using a Window class


  • Issue 217: Fix typo in doc string

  • Issue 198: Add example showing start of isometric tile support

Version 1.3.3

Released 2018-May-05

New Features

  • Issue 184: For sound, wav, mp3, and ogg should work on Linux and Windows. wav and mp3 should work on Mac.

Updated Examples

  • Add happy face drawing example

Version 1.3.2

Released 2018-Apr-20

New Features

  • Issue 189: Add spatial hashing for faster collision detection

  • Issue 191: Add function to get the distance between two sprites

  • Issue 192: Add function to get closest sprite in a list to another sprite

  • Issue 193: Improve decorator support

Updated Documentation

  • Link the class methods in the quick index to class method documentation

  • Add mountain midpoint displacement example

  • Improve CSS

  • Add “Two Worlds” example game

Updated Examples

  • Update to not use all_sprites_list

  • Update to add a warning about how to manage text on a scrolling screen

  • Issue 194: Fix for calculating distance traveled in scrolling examples

Version 1.3.1

Released 2018-Mar-31

New Features

  • Update create_rectangle code so that it uses color buffers to improve performance

  • Issue 185: Add support for repeating textures

  • Issue 186: Add support for repeating textures on Sprites

  • Issue 184: Improve sound support

  • Issue 180: Improve sound support

  • Work on improving sound support

Updated Documentation

  • Update quick-links on homepage of

  • Update Sprite class documentation

  • Update copyright date to 2018

Updated Examples

  • Update PyMunk example code to use keyboard constants rather than hard-coded values

  • New sample code showing how to avoid placing coins on walls when randomly placing them

  • Improve listing/organization of sample code

  • Work at improving sample code, specifically try to avoid using all_sprites_list

  • Add PyMunk platformer sample code

  • Unsuccessful work at getting TravisCI builds to work

  • Add new sample for using shape lists

  • Create sample code showing difference in speed when using ShapeLists.

  • Issue 182: Use explicit imports in sample PyMunk code

  • Improve sample code for using a graphic background

  • Improve collect coins example

  • New sample code for creating caves using cellular automata

  • New sample code for creating caves using Binary Space Partitioning

  • New sample code for explosions

Version 1.3.0

Released 2018-February-11.


Version 1.2.5

Released 2017-December-29.

Bug Fixes


Version 1.2.4

Released 2017-December-23.

Bug Fixes

Version 1.2.3

Released 2017-December-20.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue 44: Improve wildcard imports

  • Issue 150: “Shapes” example refers to chapter that does not exist

  • Issue 157: Different levels example documentation hook is messed up.

  • Issue 160: sprite_collect_coins example fails to run

  • Issue 163: Some examples aren’t loading images


  • Issue 84: Allow quick running via -m

  • Issue 149: Need better error message with check_for_collision

  • Issue 151: Need example showing how to go between rooms

  • Issue 152: Standardize name of main class in examples

  • Issue 154: Improve GitHub compatibility

  • Issue 155: Improve readme documentation

  • Issue 156: Clean up root folder

  • Issue 162: Add documentation with performance tips

  • Issue 164: Create option for a static sprite list where we don’t check to see if things moved.

  • Issue 165: Improve error message with physics engine

Version 1.2.2

Released 2017-December-02.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue 143: Error thrown when using scroll wheel

  • Issue 128: Fix infinite loop in physics engine

  • Issue 127: Fix bug around warning with Python 3.6 when imported

  • Issue 125: Fix bug when creating window on Linux


  • Issue 147: Fix bug building documentation where two image files where specified incorrectly

  • Issue 146: Add release notes to documentation

  • Issue 144: Add code to get window and viewport dimensions

  • Issue 139: Add documentation on what collision_radius is

  • Issue 131: Add example code on how to do full-screen games

  • Issue 113: Add example code showing enemy turning around when hitting a wall

  • Issue 67: Improved support and documentation for joystick/game controllers