Sample Games Made With Arcade

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GitHub Projects

Battle Bros

Battle Bros Mortal Kombat style game.

Rabbit Herder

Rabbit Herder, use carrots and potions to herd a rabbit through a maze.

The Great Skeleton War

The Great Skeleton War, an intense tower defense game, where there’s always something new to discover.

Space Typer


Space Typer - A typing game

FlapPy Bird

FlapPy-Bird - A bird-game clone.



PyOverheadGame, a 2D overhead game where you go through several rooms and pick up keys and other objects.



Dungeon, explore a maze picking up arrows and coins.

Two Worlds

Two Worlds, a castle adventure with a dungeon and caverns underneath it.

Games from Simpson College Spring 2017 CMSC 150 Course

These games were created by first-semester programming students.